AI for Biodiversity: Overcoming Barriers to Impact

Jul 28th, 2024 - Aug 2nd, 2024
Snowmass Village

There is significant potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to contribute to our ability to monitor biodiversity at global scale in order to guide policies at global and national scales and target conservation resources where they are most needed. Challenges require innovation in both methods and the systems required to deploy them, and must be co-developed via close partnership across disciplines and geographies. This workshop will convene experts across the fields of AI and ecology with focus on both research and practice to identify key gaps and bottlenecks, prioritize goals, and build collaborations for interdisciplinary solutions.


Sara Beery

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Assistant Professor
starEvent Co-Chair

Kate Jones

University College London
starEvent Co-Chair

David Rolnick

McGill University
Assistant Professor
starEvent Co-Chair