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About AGCI

For over 30 years, the Aspen Global Change Institute has helped make sense of change across Earth’s physical, natural, and human systems. As convenors and collaborators, we engage researchers and practitioners to work on the most important topics in global change and connect science and implementation. Our interdisciplinary work takes place at local, regional, and global scales. In all we do, we seek to co-generate relevant, reliable, and reputable knowledge and solutions to help mitigate and adapt to the impacts of global change.

Our Mission

The mission of Aspen Global Change Institute is to advance global change science and solutions. We do this by furthering interdisciplinary understanding, catalyzing science-informed action, and nurturing a community of solutions-seekers.

Our Vision

As our increasingly volatile planet pushes closer to the edge of dangerous thresholds, humanity’s actions or inactions will shape the future course for Earth and its inhabitants. 

Society’s grand challenge, as framed by economist Kate Raworth, is to create a safe and just operating space for humanity. Making this space requires action at speed and scale to help society mitigate threats such as climate change and biodiversity loss and ambitious steps to expand access to energy, water, food, education, and other key resources.

Rising to these challenges will require all hands on deck—and the deck must be large enough to include the full range of people and expertise poised to contribute. As a research institute spanning the boundaries between science and solutions, AGCI is positioned to help advance the knowledge, catalyze the actions, and nurture the community and culture needed to make this vision a reality.


Our Values

AGCI looks to a set of shared values to guide the decisions and actions of our leadership and staff. Each core value inspires our work and permeates the logic behind all our programming, partnerships, and administration:

Science and solutions lead to efforts that benefit society and the environment.
Science and solutions are innovative, robust, and trusted.
Science and solutions are advanced by individuals from diverse backgrounds and attend to justice and equity implications.
Science and solutions result in products and outcomes that are accessible and transparent.
Science and solutions support the sustainability of the Institute, the people working within it, and the broader communities in which we operate.

Our History

AGCI’s history reflects an enduring commitment to advancing global change science and solutions through collaboration between and beyond disciplines. Since 1989, AGCI has engaged with thousands of scientists and other solution-seekers around the world to understand and respond to changes happening across Earth’s human and natural systems.

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AGCI’s Commitment to
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