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Understanding global change challenges: Biodiversity loss

AGCI spoke with climate scientist Dr. Camille Parmesan about the profound impacts of biodiversity loss on ecosystem resilience and the vital role biodiversity plays in stabilizing the climate and maintaining the health of our planet.
By Liz Carver
AGCI Insight
May 29, 2024
Hands holding large soil sample with many small roots visible

Small but mighty: The role of soil microbes in a changing climate

Relatively little is known about the soil microbiome, but recent research into this underground ecosystem teeming with microscopic life is opening new windows into how microbiomes may shape and be shaped by a changing climate.
By Asa DeHaan Elise Osenga
Research Review
February 26, 2024

When the glaciers are gone: Managing for biodiversity

As new landscapes and ecosystems emerge from the loss of glacier coverage, scientists are trying to understand what the consequences are for biodiversity in post-glacial regions and what can be done to increase the adaptation potential of biodiversity.
By Emilio Mateo
Research Review
October 19, 2023
Three women hike up a trail holding field equipment.

Intern Reflection: Shifting focus–my summer of unexpected setbacks and learning opportunities

After a weekend injury changed her summer field plans, intern Hannah Harbert shares her path to learning the importance of being able to pivot in a career in research.
By Hannah Harbert
AGCI Insight
August 21, 2023

“Climate whiplash” is the new normal for California, experts say

Recent studies indicate that California must prepare for both worsening drought and more intermittent, heavier rainfall in the face of climate change. In this piece for Yale Climate Connections, Energy Innovation's Sarah Spengeman and AGCI's Elise Osenga explore how extreme weather swings are likely to become the state's new normal as precipitation patterns are altered by rising temperatures.
By Sarah Spengeman Elise Osenga
June 5, 2023

Staying current in times of rapid change: Introducing the Colorado River Science Wiki

Designed to serve as a central hub for the Colorado River science community, the Colorado River Science Wiki hosts a repository of new research and science information pertinent to the River, an overview of relevant legal and political frameworks, and a page highlighting upcoming events, conferences, and meetings focused on Colorado River research.
By Tanya Petach
AGCI Insight
May 19, 2023

A double whammy: Wildfire debris pollutes drinking water

Wildfires, which have intensified with climate change, can contaminate drinking water supplies after a heavy rain. AGCI's Tanya Petach and Energy Innovation's Alex Urquhart examine wildfires' long-term impacts on water quality and the need for fire-resilient water systems in this piece for Yale Climate Connections.
By Alex Urquhart Tanya Petach
February 8, 2023

Water quality impacts under the worsening wildfire regime

Wildfires are increasing in intensity, frequency, and size, decimating ecosystems and devastating communities. As worries about the impacts of wildfires grow, researchers are ramping up efforts to understand wildfires’ water quality repercussions. Studies conducted following the Marshall and Camp fires will help lay the groundwork for future water resiliency efforts and community preparedness.
By Tanya Petach
Research Review
November 28, 2022