Sponsored Programs

Aspen Global Change Institute provides a platform to implement charitable initiatives that further our mission to advance global change science and solutions. As a fiscal sponsor, AGCI helps individuals and organizations not yet affiliated with a 501(c)(3) organization receive and manage charitable contributions in support of activities closely aligned with AGCI’s goals and values. In addition, AGCI helps philanthropic individuals and organizations develop and implement grantmaking strategies that can benefit from AGCI’s network of expertise and administrative capacity. 

Fiscal sponsorship at AGCI

What is fiscal sponsorship?

Many worthwhile and innovative initiatives lack the tax status and administrative capacities to receive charitable giving from individuals, foundations, and governments. Fiscal sponsorship is a legal mechanism to overcome this limitation by providing qualifying initiatives the ability to operate within an existing 501(c)(3) exempt organization. 

To organize a fiscal sponsorship, the exempt organization and the initiative must have closely aligned missions, and the exempt organization must retain ultimate control of project funds. Contrary to what the term implies, a fiscal sponsor is not the original source of funding for the sponsored initiative. Instead, external funding sources are identified and recruited by the initiative (sometimes with the additional assistance of the fiscal sponsor) and then received and managed by the exempt organization. Funding to support initiative implementation can be contracted or regranted to individuals or organizations external to AGCI.

What does fiscal sponsorship have to do with global change? 

Global change science and solutions demand speed and scale. Fiscal sponsorship can accelerate and bring to scale new ideas without the extended wait times and administrative effort usually required to start new organizations. Fiscal sponsorships at AGCI can support activities led by individuals and non-exempt organizations that directly advance our mission. In the process, AGCI works collaboratively with initiative leaders to harness synergies between initiatives and AGCI’s core programming.

How does fiscal sponsorship work at AGCI?

When AGCI agrees to take on an initiative as a fiscally sponsored project, we work with initiative leaders to prepare the legal and practical framework for implementation. Sponsored projects may be either term limited or indefinite. AGCI can provide various levels of administrative and technical support to the project. For each sponsored initiative, AGCI negotiates a small administrative fee that varies based on the size of the project and the level of administrative and technical support requested.

Before reaching out to AGCI, we encourage interested parties to consider the following questions:

Note: AGCI is not able to support initiatives that employ the use of lobbying, electioneering, or any other types of restricted political activities. 

To explore opportunities for fiscal sponsorship, please contact James Arnott, jamesa@agci.org.  

What are some examples of AGCI’s fiscally sponsored initiatives?

Grantmaking Services at AGCI

How can AGCI help philanthropists and grant-making organizations?

Funding is an essential ingredient in the work to understand and address global change. The speed and scale of global change challenges demand innovative approaches that build upon existing knowledge and efforts. AGCI brings a deep understanding of the diverse problem contexts and solution pathways needed to advance global change science and solutions. Along with an efficient administrative arm, AGCI can apply this capacity to help philanthropists, organizations, and agencies develop innovative approaches to grant making and program evaluation.

AGCI currently provides philanthropic services in the areas of:

What types of services does AGCI provide?

AGCI can support donors and grant-making partners with the following: 

Note: AGCI cannot support lobbying, electioneering, or other restricted political activities. 
To explore opportunities for partnership with AGCI, contact James Arnott, jamesa@agci.org.