What is Global Change?

Global change refers to the many changes unfolding across our planet, including changes to climate, land, water, and ecosystems. Humans increasingly shape these changes and are a consequential part of the Earth system.

Global change research is the interdisciplinary effort to better understand these changes, why they happen, how they connect, and how we can work together toward sustainable solutions.

Global Change Challenges

Global change takes many forms. Here are just a few examples:
Endangered Costa Rican golden toad on leaf
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Biodiversity Loss
Forest being clearcut, exposing bare plot
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Man leans against dead tree, straes out into arid landscape
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Drying Landscapes
Woman installs solar panels
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Energy Transitions
Urban garden in foreground, in front of downtown Chicago buildings
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Environmental Justice
Aerial shot of buildings, with ocean flooding in foreground
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Sea Level Rise
Closeup of person harvesting basket of vegetables
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Sustainable Food
Melting iceberg floating at sea
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Vanishing Ice

Global Change Key Questions