Advancing Global Change Science and Solutions

AGCI links science, solutions, and community to address the most pressing global change issues.

Reducing carbon at speed and scale: Meet the Crux Alliance

Durable climate solutions require well-designed policies that get the technical details right. AGCI supports the Crux Alliance, a group of nonprofit organizations with deep policy design expertise, to work with policymakers in the world’s highest carbon-emitting countries.

Strength in numbers: Collaborating on the Colorado River in a changing climate

More than ever, a sustainable future for the Colorado River basin depends on collaborative efforts and trust.
August 29, 2022
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Learning from extreme events: The wide-ranging consequences of Arctic change

“I've never witnessed such extreme weather events. It was the first time that I realized…how bad things could be in that region, how quickly things were changing.” — Dr. Heïdi Sevestre, glaciologist
June 21, 2022
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Distilling the key factors that drive social acceptance of ocean renewable energy

Many US coastal states are looking to the prospect of ocean renewable energy (ORE), particularly offshore wind, to help meet ambitious emissions reduction goals. Social science offers insight into who supports or opposes ORE and why, and suggests actions that could help promote a more just transition to ORE.
June 23, 2022
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“AGCI tackles the challenging task of bringing together disparate research communities with ease, facilitating conversations that do not happen in other forums.”
– AGCI workshop participant
“AGCI defines what true community partnership looks like, helping us make sense of complex climate data, which allows us to positively impact our communities.”
– Ashley Perl, Pitkin County Community Resiliency Manager
“AGCI has become an intellectual proving ground, a ferment for new ideas and concepts, and a place where the different disciplines actually talk, and progress.”
– Hal Harvey, CEO, Energy Innovation