Advancing Global Change Science and Solutions

AGCI links science, solutions, and community to address the most pressing global change issues.

New community of practice brings sea level rise practitioners together to advance coastal resilience

The Practitioner Exchange for Effective Response to Sea Level Rise (PEERS) is the first-ever practitioner-led global collaborative working across boundaries to proactively address the risks of sea level rise and advance coastal resilience.

What difference can I make in the climate crisis?

Recent research sheds light on the common barriers we face when making choices that can reduce carbon emissions and the many ways one person really can make a difference.
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New federal programs could ease high home heating bills

Twenty percent of American households had to choose between basic necessities and heating or cooling their homes in 2020. Research shows that energy insecurity disproportionately affects low-income, as well as Native American, Black, and Hispanic households. But two new federal programs aim to address these inequities by providing $9 billion in rebates for residential energy-efficiency upgrades and cost-saving electric appliances.

Understanding global change challenges: Sea level rise

AGCI spoke with Dr. Ma. Laurice Jamero, Climate Resilience Coordinator of the Manila Observatory in the Philippines, about her work with small island communities and how addressing sea level rise is both an urgent global change issue and a matter of climate justice.

Reducing carbon at speed and scale: Meet the Crux Alliance

Durable climate solutions require well-designed policies that get the technical details right. AGCI supports the Crux Alliance, a group of nonprofit organizations with deep policy design expertise, to work with policymakers in the world’s highest carbon-emitting countries.
“AGCI tackles the challenging task of bringing together disparate research communities with ease, facilitating conversations that do not happen in other forums.”
– AGCI workshop participant
“AGCI defines what true community partnership looks like, helping us make sense of complex climate data, which allows us to positively impact our communities.”
– Ashley Perl, Pitkin County Community Resiliency Manager
“AGCI has become an intellectual proving ground, a ferment for new ideas and concepts, and a place where the different disciplines actually talk, and progress.”
– Hal Harvey, CEO, Energy Innovation