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Climate Change and Aspen

Aspen’s climate is already changing and additional changes are anticipated throughout the 21st century and beyond. These local climate shifts will take place within the context of regional and global changes, all of which may result in conditions unprecedented in human history. The impacts of climate change are likely to affect Aspen’s residents, ecosystems, and environmental amenities as well as the home communities of Aspen visitors.

AGCI is helping the City of Aspen to understand the range of potential future impacts of climate change to the Aspen community. In 2006, AGCI prepared a report that focused on impacts to skiing but also included analysis of impacts to ecosystems, local economy, and the Roaring Fork River. Following the release of the 2006 report, the City of Aspen adopted a Climate Action Plan that called for local inventory and reductions in greenhouse gases. The adopted goal is to reduce emissions 30% by 2020 and 80% by 2050 (from 2004 base levels).

In 2014, AGCI completed a second study intended to support the City of Aspen in preparing for the impacts of climate change through resiliency planning. More information about the City's resiliency planning effort can be found on their website,

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