Working with the Water Utility Climate Alliance

Leading Practices in Climate Adaptation

As the climate changes in both new and anticipated ways, the best course of action isn’t always clear. This report, co-led by Laurna Kaatz (Denver Water) and Julie Vano (AGCI), brings together climate adaptation practices that have been tested by members of the Water Utility Climate Alliance (WUCA), leveraging their experiences to build a shared knowledge base and demonstrate clear directions forward. Released in July 2021, this collection of leading practices in climate adaptation covers a suite of climate adaptation actions and is intended to promote collaborative learning through concrete examples. Read the report or explore the 70+ examples online.

Building Resilience to a Changing Climate, WUCA’s technical training courses

WUCA develops and hosts technical climate science and adaptation trainings in collaboration with the US EPA’s Creating Resilient Water Utilities (CRWU) program and other partners. These trainings focus on the practical use of climate science in adaptation planning, decision making under conditions of uncertainty, generating buy-in for resilience investments, and addressing communication barriers. AGCI’s research director, Julie Vano, has led sections of these trainings for water managers in Los Angeles, Portland, Tampa Bay, Austin, New York City, Philadelphia, and the Colorado River basin. Materials and information on future trainings can be found here.