Forest Management and Global Change: Near-Term Decisions and Long-Term Outcomes

Oct 18th, 2001 - Oct 23rd, 2001

This workshop discussed management of forests in the context of climate change. Questions considered included: how sensitive are forests to changes in climate or atmospheric CO2? What other stresses, such as land use change, will likely influence forest health over the next century? And do present forest management strategies account for the suite of factors that will influence forest health in the coming decades? The role of forest management in carbon accounting and the UNFCC process of verification was also considered, and an alternative accounting system was proposed based upon energy per unit area, such as how albedo changes with land cover change.

Keywords: forests; ecosystems; land use change; climate variability and change; carbon cycle

Colorado Rocky Mountain Climate: Where We Have Been and Where We are Going

Presented By Roger A. Pielke, Sr.
Date October 19, 2001

Workshop Outcomes

  • The Climate Impacts of Land Surface Change and Carbon Management, and the Implications for Climate-Change Mitigation Policy
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  • The Influence of Land-Use Change and Landscape Dynamics on the Climate System: Relevance to Climate-Change Policy Beyond the Radiative Effect of Greenhouse Gases
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Day 1October 19, 2001


Gregg Marland

Appalachian State University
starEvent Co-Chair

Herman H. Shugart

University of Virginia
W.W. Corcoran Professor
starEvent Co-Chair

Roger A. Pielke, Sr.

Colorado State University (CSU)
Professor & State Climatologist
starEvent Co-Chair


Natural Resources Canada
Senior Scientist
Duke University
Gardner Professor and Chair
Pennsylvania State University
Associate Professor
University of Wyoming
Rocky Mountain Research Station
Quantitative Ecologist
University of Helsinki
Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper
Director of Research
University of California, Berkeley
North Carolina State University
Research Assistant Professor & Associate State Climatologist
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
Pew Center on Global Climate Change
Environmental Analyst
The Sampson Group, Inc.
University of California, Los Angeles

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