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Two rafts float float on teh Colorado River

Strength in numbers: Collaborating on the Colorado River in a changing climate

Boats float through the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, May 2022

We’re sitting in a veritable paradise. The Colorado River rushes beneath our rubber…

By Tanya Petach
AGCI Insight
August 29, 2022

Our imaginations can help create new climate possibilities

Storytelling can help us imagine different versions of our shared future. For example, Kim Stanley Robinson’s novel Ministry for the Future describes a…

By Liz Carver
August 9, 2022
Exhausted port worker with hardhat off, sweating in summer heat

Extreme heat is deadly, expensive, inequitable, and now, more than ever, preventable

Extreme heat is deadly serious. In the United States, heat causes more deaths than all other weather disasters combined. Extreme heat is experienced in deeply unequal…

By James C. Arnott Liz Carver
Research Review
July 29, 2022

Working with the Water Utility Climate Alliance

Leading Practices in Climate Adaptation

As the climate changes in both new and anticipated ways, the best course of action…

Canoe with youth alongside larger sailboat in Panama

Listening to the lived experience of climate resilience

AGCI Climate Fellow Jessica Reilly-Moman and her co-captain/husband Josh aboard the Oleada, buying produce from local fisherman in Bahía Honda, Panama.

The slender farmer, face…

By Jessica Reilly-Moman
AGCI Insight
June 27, 2022
Dr. Heïdi Sevestre on the ice in Svalbard, Norway

Learning from extreme events: The wide-ranging consequences of Arctic change

This May, a group of researchers convened a workshop at the Aspen Global Change Institute for an interdisciplinary exploration of  Arctic Climate and Weather Extremes.…

By Elise Osenga
AGCI Insight
June 21, 2022
Youth at climate march holding sign: "The climate is changing. Why aren't we?"

Putting humans into climate models

A couple years ago, a team of climate scholars posed a provocative question: “The Earth has humans, so why don’t our climate models?” (Beckage et…

By James C. Arnott
Research Review
May 12, 2022