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Then and now: Scientific investigations of Colorado River drought a quarter century apart

As the Colorado River Compact is renegotiated, scientists are critically examining historical research on the river’s flow to ensure water users across the western United States and Mexico have the information they need to prepare for a future where drought is the norm.
By Tanya Petach Emilio Mateo
Research Review
January 31, 2023

Snow sleuths: Researchers around the world join forces to investigate missing snow, improve water resources modeling

A single snowflake hadn’t yet fallen when a team of snow researchers descended on a small town in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains this past fall. But that was intentional — they were preparing for the coming winter’s mission to answer a longstanding research question: What happens to snow after it falls?
Brooke Fisher, University of Washington
December 20, 2022

Newly launched Colorado River Science Wiki provides information hub for water resource management

The Wiki is a web-based platform with many goals, including helping to inform discussions about the next Interim Guidelines on the Colorado River. The site summarizes and shares the most recent Colorado River research, increases visibility of the activities of the research community, and makes accessible important datasets and tools.
Erin Thompson, SW CASC
December 6, 2022

Water quality impacts under the worsening wildfire regime

Wildfires are increasing in intensity, frequency, and size, decimating ecosystems and devastating communities. As worries about the impacts of wildfires grow, researchers are ramping up efforts to understand wildfires’ water quality repercussions. Studies conducted following the Marshall and Camp fires will help lay the groundwork for future water resiliency efforts and community preparedness.
By Tanya Petach
Research Review
November 28, 2022

Unraveling the mystery of disappearing Colorado River water

In October, Sublimation of Snow project research partners installed a suite of field instruments to fill in data gaps on the poorly understood process of how snow behaves in windy mountain environments.
By Liz Carver
AGCI Insight
November 16, 2022
Two rafts float float on teh Colorado River

Strength in numbers: Collaborating on the Colorado River in a changing climate

More than ever, a sustainable future for the Colorado River basin depends on collaborative efforts and trust.
By Tanya Petach
AGCI Insight
August 29, 2022

Colorado River Science Wiki

The Colorado River Science Wiki is a web-based clearinghouse for scientific and technical information and data relevant to the Colorado River and management of its water and other natural resources.
Project Publication
April 11, 2022

Learning From the Land: Roaring Fork Observation Network Strategic Plan 2022-2032

A 10-year vision for research direction, mission, and intents for the AGCI Roaring Fork Observation Network (iRON)
By Elise Osenga
Project Publication
March 1, 2022

Year-end soil moisture update

Why look at winter soil moisture? Drier soils take up more spring snowmelt than wet soils, so a dry late autumn one year may mean lower runoff the following year. In this way, soils create a memory of drought from year to year.
By Elise Osenga
AGCI Insight
December 21, 2021