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UW graduate student Danny Hogan squints into a small handheld microscope placed over a small blue board with snow on it held in his hand.

This pioneering study tells us how snow disappears into thin air

New results from the Sublimation of Snow (SOS) Project reveal, for the first time, how much snow is getting lost, and when, exactly, it's disappearing.
Alex Hager, KUNC
May 10, 2024

New research in the Colorado River headwaters offers clues to mystery of where mountain snow goes

Loss of spring snowpack complicates future water supply estimates reveals Sublimation of Snow Project, an AGCI research collaboration captured in new video.
By Elise C. Osenga
AGCI Insight
May 9, 2024

Workshop builds, strengthens collaborations across SPLASH/SAIL/SOS community

Synopsis of a November 1–3, 2023, hybrid workshop on the state of research and data sets from the Study of Precipitation, the Lower Atmosphere and Surface for Hydrometeorology (SPLASH); the Surface Atmosphere Integrated Field Laboratory (SAIL) campaign; and the Sublimation of Snow (SOS) study.
Gijs de Boer, CIRES, University of Colorado Boulder and Physical Sciences Laboratory, NOAA
February 1, 2024
Large irrigation equipment spraying field

Irrigation in the Earth system: Priorities for data, modeling, and cross-disciplinary research

Participants in this AGCI-hosted interdisciplinary workshop included experts across the irrigation modeling and observations/data scientific communities, spanning researchers and practitioners working in climate, agriculture, and hydrology.
By Liz Carver
AGCI Insight
November 17, 2023

More water and more energy: The potential win-win of floating photovoltaics

New research explores how the combination of photovoltaic technology and water infrastructure can help stabilize water supplies in drought-stricken regions while increasing sources of local, renewable energy.
By Tanya Petach
Research Review
September 13, 2023

Intern Reflection: Early winter soil moisture

2023 summer intern Henry shares what it is like for a high school student to get a taste of a career in the sciences.
By Henry Hurd
AGCI Insight
August 21, 2023

The case of the Colorado River’s missing water

In this story for High Country News, reporter Bella Biondini traveled to the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab in Gothic, Colorado, where Sublimation of Snow Project researchers are trying to unravel the mystery of snow that falls but never shows up in the river.
Bella Biondini, High Country News
July 21, 2023

Observing the shifting seasons of science

In June 2023, field instrumentation is de-installed as the focus of the SOS Project research shifts to the data analysis phase.
By Elise Osenga
AGCI Insight
July 3, 2023

Staying current in times of rapid change: Introducing the Colorado River Science Wiki

Designed to serve as a central hub for the Colorado River science community, the Colorado River Science Wiki hosts a repository of new research and science information pertinent to the River, an overview of relevant legal and political frameworks, and a page highlighting upcoming events, conferences, and meetings focused on Colorado River research.
By Tanya Petach
AGCI Insight
May 19, 2023