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Battling heat waves: The silent killer

Hurricanes get the headlines, but extreme heat causes more deaths than all other weather disasters combined. As AGCI’s James Arnott and Energy Innovation Policy & Technology LLC®’s Greg Alvarez explore in this piece for Yale Climate Connections, the right strategies can help save lives.
By James C. Arnott Greg Alvarez
October 18, 2022

Human health in the age of climate change: Disease, nutrition, and access at a crossroads

Studies show climate events can have catastrophic consequences for human health including the spread of disease vectors and contaminated food or drinking water supplies, but new research is identifying ways to reduce the risks.
By Emily Jack-Scott
Research Review
September 29, 2022

Intern Showcase: Snow data comparisons

In summer of 2022, intern Lauran Garcia investigated the relationship between snow depth and snow water equivalent (SWE) in the Roaring Fork Valley by comparing SNOTEL and satellite data.
By Lauran Garcia
AGCI Insight
August 31, 2022

“Learning” frontiers in the energy transition

How quickly we reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions critically depends on how fast we learn in the process. New research uses learning curves to explain staggering declines in costs of key climate technologies like solar photovoltaics and batteries, grounding hopes that we can get where we need to go—as long as we don’t delay getting started.
By James C. Arnott
Research Review
August 31, 2022
A topographic map in tan showing soil moisture measurements taken in a cross shape in varying shades of blue.

Intern Showcase: Soil moisture across the landscape

This overview provides a summary of results from a project mapping soil moisture across a subset of the landscape for each site in the Roaring Fork Observation Network (iRON).
By Rachel Buchler
AGCI Insight
August 31, 2022
Two rafts float float on teh Colorado River

Strength in numbers: Collaborating on the Colorado River in a changing climate

More than ever, a sustainable future for the Colorado River basin depends on collaborative efforts and trust.
By Tanya Petach
AGCI Insight
August 29, 2022

Our imaginations can help create new climate possibilities

In this Yale Climate Connections article, AGCI's James Arnott and Energy Innovation Policy & Technology LLC®'s Sarah Spengeman explore how humans’ capacity to imagine can help create new and more hopeful climate realities and boost citizen engagement.
By James C. Arnott Sarah Spengeman
August 9, 2022
Exhausted port worker with hardhat off, sweating in summer heat

Extreme heat is deadly, expensive, inequitable, and now, more than ever, preventable

As climate change causes more extreme heat days across the globe, heat has become a critical issue for public health and city planning. Recent research illuminates why extreme heat poses even greater health and economic threats than previously thought, but also points to ways we can build effective solutions to address it.
By James C. Arnott Liz Carver
Research Review
July 29, 2022

Working with the Water Utility Climate Alliance

Leading Practices in Climate Adaptation

As the climate changes in both new and anticipated ways, the best course of action…