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Two rafts float float on teh Colorado River

Strength in numbers: Collaborating on the Colorado River in a changing climate

Boats float through the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, May 2022

We’re sitting in a veritable paradise. The Colorado River rushes beneath our rubber…

AGCI Insight
August 29, 2022

Colorado River Science Wiki

The Colorado River Science Wiki is a web-based clearinghouse for scientific and technical information and data relevant to the Colorado River and management of…

April 11, 2022

Learning From the Land: Roaring Fork Observation Network Strategic Plan 2022-2032

A 10-year vision for research direction, mission, and intents for the AGCI Roaring Fork Observation Network (iRON)
By Elise Osenga
March 1, 2022

Year-End Soil Moisture Update

Why look at winter soil moisture?

Last year’s drought led to record-breaking low water levels in the Colorado River Basin. The coincident effort to understand…

AGCI Insight
December 21, 2021

Headwaters Hydrologic Test Bed (H2TB)

A 21st-Century Collaborative Test Bed for Mountain Hydrology

Beginning as snowmelt from Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, the Colorado River—often called the Lifeline of the West—supplies water…


A Riddle of the Alpine

by Rachael Jones, 2021 Summer Intern

I love watching the rising snowpack graph each winter and cheering on that moving dial that seems so full…

AGCI Insight
August 3, 2021

A community-supported weather and soil moisture monitoring database of the Roaring Fork catchment of the Colorado River Headwaters

A data note describing instrumentation, data collection, and data management methods for AGCI’s Roaring Fork Observation Network (iRON).
By James C. Arnott Julie Vano Elise Osenga
February 1, 2021
November 18, 2020