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Increasingly people are asking for, and at times requiring, financial planning to incorporate physical climate information; yet there are myriad ways this might be done. Key challenges are summarized in this research review

In 2022, CarbonPlan, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), and the Initiative on Climate Risk and Resilience Law (ICRRL) convened a series of workshops and focus groups with former regulators and domain experts across physical science modeling, economics, financial risk, law, and public policy to discuss if and how physical risk information was currently being used, and gaps, challenges, and concerns with the use of physical risk information. Instead of launching a similarly aimed investigation, we participated in their process and provided feedback on the outcome report. The report was released in July 2023. 

This work is closely tied to our climate analytics investigation, so we anticipate conversations that are a part of that investigation will help inform next steps. For more information, contact