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We define climate analytics as an emerging information technology sector that supports the creation and use of data analytics designed to provide decision-makers with information that conveys climate change impact or risk. 

This investigation aims to better understand the rapidly evolving climate analytics landscape, especially in the private sector. Our research team is exploring—through a desktop analysis, exploratory conversations, and hosting discussions— who is working in this space, what they see as key opportunities and challenges, and what the needs are from both climate analytics providers and users.

We are still in the process of defining who is engaged and the type of services they provide. Our current list includes approximately 40 organizations that offer to provide decision-makers with insights into their climate change impact or risk. 

To gain more insights and allow people to share their work in this space, we will host a session on “Innovations in climate data, analytics, and decision support for a warming world” at the American Geophysical Union Meeting in December 2023, where people will have an opportunity to share their work in oral presentations, posters, and during a less formal social gathering. We also anticipate hosting an online gathering in early 2024.

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