Devan Crane

Aspen Global Change Institute (AGCI)
Events Manager
Devan Crane Image

Devan Crane is a Program Associate for Aspen Global Change Institute. In this role, she assists in the planning and execution of AGCI’s workshops and helps to manage the organization’s website and database.

Prior to joining AGCI, Devan was employed in the Roaring Fork Valley as the Director of Programs at the Aspen Science Center, a naturalist at the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, and a teacher at Wildwood Preschool, an outdoor preschool. Following her college graduation, she served as a research and development scientist and as a consultant in commercial aquaponics in Florida. Her interests in sustainable agriculture and aquaculture led her to develop a variety of work-related and volunteer programs over the years, including community-based programming, education fairs, and high school-through-college internship programs; she has also helped lead professional training workshops and seminars with the FDA and USDA. When not at work, Devan enjoys cooking, hiking, biking, cross country skate skiing, and gardening with her dog and partner.


BS, Biology, East Carolina University

Joined AGCI