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Spring Valley

The Spring Valley Station was installed and began collecting data in the summer of 2016. Located at an elevation of around 7,100ft (2,160m), the station is located in a pinyon-juniper and sageland ecosystem. This particular stand is of interest because there is some research that shows drying of ecosystem may lead to a transition from pinyon juniper habitat to a more sage dominated system. This station is powered by solar panel and data are collected manually on a monthly basis.

Soil at a glance:

Clay | 2.1 % organic matter | 0.7 ppm NO3 | 2.8 ppm P | pH 6.5


Air Temperature | Relative Humidity | Soil Moisture at 2, 8, and 20in (5, 20, and 51cm) | Soil Temperature at 8in (20cm)

Data are logged every 20 minutes and shared cellularly every 4 hours. The live data have not been checked for outliers or calibrated for soil moisture, and rain gage readings may not be reliable when weather is below freezing. Archived data have been cleaned and calibrated.

View Live Data
Download Archived Data

This station was installed in June of 2016 with assistance from AGCI's summer intern. In addition to serving as a long-term monitoring site, it also offers a chance for student learning opportunities with the nearby Colorado Mountain College campus.


This station was funded by the Aspen Community Foundation and is managed by AGCI.

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