The Castle Creek Station was installed in 2019 and began collecting data in the summer of 2020. Located at an elevation of around 11,500 feet, the station is located in a clearing on a sub-alpine slope. This station is powered by solar panel and measures snow depth, wind speed and direction, radiative balance, air temperature, relative humidity, soil temperature at an 8in depth, and soil moisture at 2, 8, and 20 inch depths.

Soil at a Glance:

Soil results are from 2021
Sandy loam | 4.9% organic matter | 1.0 ppm NO3 | 10.1 ppm P | pH 5.0


Air Temperature | Relative Humidity | Rain | Soil Moisture at 2, 8, and 20in (5, 20, and 51cm) | Soil Temperature at 8in | Snow depth | Wind Speed/Direction | Radiative Balance

Data are logged hourly and transmitted to a database via satellite. We are in the process of revising our data-sharing platform, in the meantime, please contact Elise Osenga with data requests.

Archived data offer daily averages or daily maximum and minimum readings for each sensor. These data have been calibrated and undergone basic QC. However, rain readings should not be considered accurate when temperatures are below freezing.

Archived data available through CUAHSI (linked below) are updated annually.


This station was funded by: City of Aspen, and was installed on Pitkin County public land by special permission from the county. It was installed and is operated by AGCI.