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Northstar Transition Zone

The Northstar Transition Zone station was installed in 2015. Located at an elevation of ~ 8,050ft (2,450m), this station sits in a transition between ecosystem types, including a meadow and a wetland. This station is solar powered, and data are transmitted several times daily.

Soil at a Glance 

Clay Loam | 10.8% organic matter | 3.1 ppm NO3 | 11.2 ppm P | pH 7.3 


Snow Depth | Soil Moisture at 2, 8, and 20in (5, 20, and 51cm) | Soil Temperature at 8in (20cm).

Live data are collected every 20 minutes and transmitted every four hours and can be found by clicking the buttons above. These data have not been checked for anomalies or potential false readings and soil moisture has not been calibrated. The snow depth sensor is only accurate to a tenth of an inch (one decimal place). In summer months, grass may distort snow depth readings.

Archived data offer daily averages or daily maximum and minimum readings for each sensor. These data have been calibrated and undergone basic QC. However, rain readings should not be considered accurate when temperatures are below freezing.

Archived data available through CUAHSI (linked below) are updated annually.


The Northstar station is managed by AGCI with funding from the Pitkin County Open Space and Trails.