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Smuggler Mountain

The Smuggler Mountain Station was installed in 2012 and began collecting data in the summer of 2013. Located at an elevation of around 8,970 feet, the station is located in a mixed conifer forest that includes spruce, pine, fir, and some aspen. This station is powered by solar panel and measures air temperature, relative humidity, soil moisture at 2, 8, and 20 inch depths. In the fall of 2014, soil temperature at 8 inches was added as well.

Soil at a Glance:

Loamy sand | 1.5% organic matter | 0.4 ppm NO3 | 26.3 ppm P | pH 6.0


Air Temperature | Relative Humidity | Rain | Soil Moisture at 2, 8, and 20in (5, 20, and 51cm) | Soil Temperature at 8in (20cm) added 2014

View the Live Data
Download Archived Data
Live data are collected every 20 minutes and transmitted every hour. Live data have not been checked for anomalies or potential false readings and soil moisture readings have not been calibrated. Archived data have been cleaned and calibrated, but rain readings should not be considered accurate when temperatures are below freezing.

Archived data offer daily averages or daily maximum and minimum readings for each sensor. These data have been checked for potential false readings but has not been otherwise adjusted or vetted for reliability. Additionally, rain readings should not be considered accurate when temperatures are below freezing. Archived data are updated monthly. Graphs of previous data can be viewed on the data dashboard.

How rapidly and how easily soil moisture travels through the soil is heavily influenced by soil type and composition. At the Smuggler Mountain site, the soil is loose and has a low organic matter content. Unlike other stations, where moisture at 8 and 20 inch depths tends to lag behind moisture spikes at the 2 inch depth, water seems to percolate into the soil quickly at Smuggler Mountain. This creates a similar shape of graph for all three depths over the course of a calendar year, as shown in the graph above. Date is shown at the bottom of the graph for each month of 2014, and average daily soil moisture, measured by percent, is shown on the left hand side of the graph. The darkest line represents moisture at the shallowest depth (2 inches) and the lightest line represents moisture at the greatest depth (20 inches).


This station was jointly funded by: Pitkin County Open Space and Trails, City of Aspen, and the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies. It was installed and is operated by AGCI.

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