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Glenwood Springs

The Glenwood Springs Station was installed and began collecting data in the summer of 2015. It is situated on City of Glenwood Springs Property. The station is at an elevation of around 6,200 feet, and is located on a slope in a small clearing amongst dense growing scrub oak in very rocky soil. This station is powered by a solar panel.

Soil at a Glance:

Clay Loam | 4.8% organic matter | 3.0 ppm NO3 | 5.4 ppm P | pH 7.5


Air Temperature | Relative Humidity | Soil Moisture at 2, 8, and 20in (5, 20, and 51cm) | Soil Temperature at 8in (20cm)

View Live Data
Download Archived Data

Live data are collected every 20 minutes and transmitted every four hours. Live data have not been checked for anomalies or potential false readings and soil moisture calibrations have not been applied. Rain readings should not be considered accurate when temperatures are below freezing. Archived data have been cleaned and calibrated.


The Glenwood Springs Station was funded by John Denver Aspenglow Fund and located with permission from the City of Glenwood Springs. It is managed by the Aspen Global Change Institute.

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