Improving the Effectiveness of the Climate Convention

Aug 6th, 1995 - Aug 19th, 1995

This workshop deliberated on ways to improve the long term effectiveness of global warming mitigation policies and projects. Issues covered ranged from economic factors and management of non-compliance with mitigation rules to negotiation of additional commitments and participation of developing countries, as well as ways to improve systems for providing scientific advice. The role of international agreements and law were discussed. Consideration was given to past international agreements for acid rain and chlorofluorocarbons and how these examples could inform strategies for an international climate agreement to avoid dangerous interference in the climate system.

Keywords: climate variability and change; mitigation. international law, policy

Workshop Outcomes

  • Improving the Effectiveness of the Climate Change Convention
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Day 1August 7, 1995

9:15 am Participant Introductions


Abram Chayes

Harvard University
starEvent Co-Chair

Eugene Skolnikoff

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Professor of Political Science, Emeritus
starEvent Co-Chair

David G. Victor

University of California, San Diego
starEvent Co-Chair


University of Washington
Professor of Law
Competitiveness Policy Council
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Nepal Water Conservation
United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator
Princeton University
Princeton University
Research Scientist, Noblis and Non-resident Fellow, Andlinger Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Ministry of Environment, Mexico
Advisor of the Minister of Environment
Yale University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)
Research Associate
University of Maryland
Professor of Economics
Stanford University
University of Manitoba
Professor, Faculty of Environment
University of California, San Diego
Professor of Meteorology
University of Southern California
Roy P. Crocker Prof. of Law

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