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Aerial view of city with high-rise buildings in background, smaller residential houses in midground, and agricultural fields in foreground

Building food system resilience through urban agriculture

Emerging research sheds light on common challenges and solutions to preserving the resilience that urban and peri-urban agriculture affords our food systems.
By Devan Crane
Research Review
May 31, 2024

Before the next storm: Building health care resilience

Thousands of hospitals are at risk of shutting down due to an extreme weather event. Experts say it’s time to adapt.

By Kaitlin Sullivan

Research Review
April 29, 2024
Closeup of man's hand charging electric vehicle

Reducing the risk of investing in electric vehicles for low-income consumers

While subsidies are a good way to encourage low-income households to enter the EV market, policy makers must also consider the full lifecycle costs of vehicle ownership and the risk that the most vulnerable households could lose access to their vehicle if costly maintenance and repairs are required.
By Rebecca Rasch
Research Review
March 27, 2024
Hands holding large soil sample with many small roots visible

Small but mighty: The role of soil microbes in a changing climate

Relatively little is known about the soil microbiome, but recent research into this underground ecosystem teeming with microscopic life is opening new windows into how microbiomes may shape and be shaped by a changing climate.
By Asa DeHaan Elise Osenga
Research Review
February 26, 2024
Man in bathrobe adjusting thermostat dial on wall

What difference can I make in the climate crisis?

Recent research sheds light on the common barriers we face when making choices that can reduce carbon emissions and the many ways one person really can make a difference.
By Emily Jack-Scott
Research Review
January 30, 2024

Air quality monitoring networks support more climate-resilient communities

Air quality monitoring networks play a crucial role in enhancing climate resilience by providing communities and policymakers the data they need to understand the air quality-public health connections and engage in community decision-making.

Savannah M. D’Evelyn, University of Washington

Research Review
December 22, 2023

Living in the cold: Addressing the inequities of heating energy poverty in winter

Recent research highlights gaps in how heating energy burden and poverty are measured and suggests ways policies can be designed to address energy burden inequities without exacerbating energy insecurity.
By Emily Jack-Scott Liz Carver
Research Review
November 20, 2023

When the glaciers are gone: Managing for biodiversity

As new landscapes and ecosystems emerge from the loss of glacier coverage, scientists are trying to understand what the consequences are for biodiversity in post-glacial regions and what can be done to increase the adaptation potential of biodiversity.
By Emilio Mateo
Research Review
October 19, 2023

More water and more energy: The potential win-win of floating photovoltaics

New research explores how the combination of photovoltaic technology and water infrastructure can help stabilize water supplies in drought-stricken regions while increasing sources of local, renewable energy.
By Tanya Petach
Research Review
September 13, 2023

Loneliness, isolation, and climate solutions: Is there a connection?

Several recent studies suggest that loneliness and social disconnection may directly affect individual perceptions and actions on climate change, providing a starting point to consider how we might link concern about loneliness and isolation to climate action.
By James C. Arnott
Research Review
July 20, 2023