Frank Ewert

University of Bonn
Frank Ewert Image

Frank Ewert has been working as Professor of Crop Science at the University of Bonn since 2008. Before that, he worked in several university positions in the fields of crops science and agroecology in Germany, UK, Denmark and The Netherlands. Ewert has a background in agronomy and crop physiology with specific emphasis on systems analysis and simulation modelling of crops and cropping systems. Much of his work has been focussed on the modelling and assessment of climate change impacts on cropping systems, food production and land use. Recent activities focus on integrated assessment modelling and related approaches of up- and down-scaling in natural resource management. Activities related to integrated modelling include attempts to link biophysical and market models. He has been involved as research partner and project leader in several national and international projects on assessing responses of agricultural systems including adaptation to climate and market changes. Examples of such international projects are SEAMLESS, AgriAdapt, WASCAL, GlobE-BiomassWeb, AgMIP and MACSUR. Ewert is scientific advisory board member of several national and international programs such as the German BMBF program on Agrosystems of the Future and the European FACCE JPI.