Detlef Van Vuuren

Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL)
Detlef Van Vuuren Image

Detlef van Vuuren (1970) is professor in Integrated Assessment of Global Environmental Change at the Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University and senior researcher at PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. Detlef van Vuuren is one of the coordinators of the IMAGE integrated assessment modelling team. In this capacity, Detlef van Vuuren studies the complex interactions between human development and global environmental change by using model-supported scenario analysis. A key challenge in this work is to integrate information from various disciplines and put this information into the context of decision-making processes. Detlef van Vuuren has participated as (Coordinating) Lead Author in various assessments such as those of IPCC, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, UNEP's Global Environmental Outlook, the International Assessment on Agricultural Science and Technology Development, and the OECD Environmental Outlook. Detlef van Vuuren has also a member of the scientific boards of several DG Research projects. He is also member of the board of the Integrated Assessment Modelling Consortium (IAMC) and member of the Working Group on Coupled Models of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), He participates in the editorial board of Climatic Change and Earth System Dynamics. Detlef van Vuuren had a coordinating role in the development of the Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs) now used in the IPCC's assessments. He has published more than 125 articles in refereed journals.