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Graphic of $100 bill folded into a paper boat, afloat on a dry seabed

Climate science and financial risk: Forging a path to more climate-resilient businesses

A 2021 perspective for Nature Climate Change outlines the challenges to businesses looking to climate science to help assess climate-related financial risks and suggests improvements to facilitate businesses’ ability to effectively mitigate or adapt to these risks.
By Julie Vano
Research Review
February 15, 2022
Graphic illustrating the convergence of stressors cause by climate change, air pollution, and the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health

Addressing inequities in the mental health burden of climate change

Recent articles highlight the challenges of studying the impacts of climate change on mental health, along with the lack of representation in current research among those most vulnerable to and most impacted by climate change.
By Emily Jack-Scott
Research Review
January 20, 2022
Fingerprint on glass

Dusting for “fingerprints” on our climate: Innovations in the attribution of extreme events

As climate change accelerates and extreme weather events become more frequent and severe, advances in modeling now make it possible to more quickly and reliably determine the extent to which global warming causes individual events, offering greater opportunities to educate the public about climate change impacts.
By James C. Arnott
Research Review
November 22, 2021
Sheep in pasture in front of solar panel array

How “agrivoltaics” can provide more benefits than agriculture and solar photovoltaics separately

Recent research evaluates how agrivoltaics -- co-locating solar electricity generation and agricultural production -- may achieve sustainable energy and food goals while possibly reducing local opposition to solar energy deployment.

By Aspen Global Change Institute Staff

Research Review
October 18, 2021
Flames from 2018 Lake Christine fire climb up “ladder fuels” into the crowns of dense forests atop Basalt Mountain in Colorado.

After the megafires: What’s left and what’s next

Something is clearly different about the wildfires roaring in the western United States. Over the last decade, we have increasingly used terms like “megafires” and…

By Emily Jack-Scott
Research Review
September 16, 2021
Brazilian rainforest

Tipping points in tropical forests: Carbon fluxes in the Amazon and Africa

Representatives and scientists from nearly 200 nations are in the process of carefully vetting a summary for policymakers of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change…

By Emily Jack-Scott
Research Review
July 22, 2021
Three electrical power toers in front of flooded area

How climate-induced risks affect power system planning in the U.S. Southeast

Energy supplies are likely to be altered by climate change as shifts in the physical environment reduce the capacity and efficiency of power plants. A new study highlights how long-term energy planning might include a more comprehensive assessment of climate change impacts, and how adaptation and mitigation strategies can converge.
By Julie Vano
Research Review
June 24, 2021
Corn seedlings emerge through soil in field

Understanding soil carbon science to identify strategies for climate mitigation and adaptation

Disagreements drive science forward but can generate uncertainty for policy and practice. Soil scientists strongly disagree about whether soil carbon sequestration (SCS) can effectively help…

By: Mark A. Bradford (Yale University), Chelsea J. Carey (Point Blue Conservation Science), Daniel A. Kane (Yale University), Emily E. Oldfield (Environmental Defense Fund), Darya Watnick (Yale University), Stephen A. Wood (The Nature Conservancy)

Research Review
March 27, 2021
United Nations Climate Change Conference delegates applaud at adoption of Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement, five years later: What research says about future directions

Adoption of the Paris Agreement, December 2015. Photo: UNclimatechange | CC BY 2.0

Five years ago at the annual Conference of the Parties (COP21) in…

By Emily Jack-Scott
Research Review
December 21, 2020
Field of green switchgrass

Latest outlooks on biofuels

In late August, the Biden-Harris campaign came out with its strongest endorsement to date of ethanol and other biofuels, as Biden publicly criticized the Trump administration’s…

By Emily Jack-Scott
Research Review
September 22, 2020