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Person's arms in field holding bowl of freshly harvested produce

Understanding global change challenges: Sustainable food systems

AGCI spoke with Dr. Michelle Tigchelaar, a climate scientist and the Impact Area Lead on Climate & Environmental Sustainability at WorldFish in Malaysia, about sustainable food systems as a global change challenge.
By Liz Carver
AGCI Insight
March 4, 2024
Long line of motorcycles ride along flooded road

Understanding global change challenges: Sea level rise

AGCI spoke with Dr. Ma. Laurice Jamero, Climate Resilience Coordinator of the Manila Observatory in the Philippines, about her work with small island communities and how addressing sea level rise is both an urgent global change issue and a matter of climate justice.
By Liz Carver
AGCI Insight
January 30, 2024
Cars in front of houses in residential neighborhood, with large refinery in near background

Understanding global change challenges: Environmental justice

AGCI spoke with Raj Pandya, VP of Community Science at the American Geophysical Union (AGU), about the ways global change science and scientists can partner with impacted communities to help advance environmental justice and equity.
By Liz Carver
AGCI Insight
November 15, 2023
Vast expanse of Amazon rainforest showing illegally cut down trees

Earth’s systems, our impacts: Understanding global change

Human activities profoundly alter Earth's natural systems. We now stand at a global change crossroads, influencing and being influenced by the planet in profound and often unsettling ways.
By James C. Arnott
AGCI Insight
September 27, 2023

Understanding global change challenges: Energy transitions

A conversation with Dr. Paulina Jaramillo on why transitioning from fossil-based energy systems to cleaner alternatives is important in global change research.
By Elise Osenga
AGCI Insight
September 8, 2023
Graphic illustrating "hothouse Earth" concept

What nature’s feedbacks and tipping points portend for our future

What happens when greenhouse gas-driven climate change arouses an unwanted set of responses from the Earth’s natural systems? Can self-reinforcing feedbacks in the Earth system…

By John Katzenberger
Research Review
September 20, 2018

Aspen Global Change Institute: 25 Years of Interdisciplinary Global Change Science

The AGCI has convened scientists to define challenges, develop disciplinary and interdisciplinary research strategies, improve communication across natural and social sciences, and plan assessments and other decision support activities.

Workshop Publication
December 20, 2016
Workshop Presentation
October 13, 2016
Workshop Presentation
October 12, 2016