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Aspen Global Change Institute
Executive Director
Science policy


Dr. James Arnott is the Executive Director of the Aspen Global Change Institute. James has more than a decade of experience working on climate change mitigation and adaptation with a focus on connecting scientific knowledge with decision-making. At AGCI, James guides the Institute’s programming and administration, which includes interdisciplinary research, policy advisory, and science education initiatives. In addition, James conducts original research on science policy and sustainability science with a focus on how collaborative research methods can increase the production of actionable science. In 2017, James co-founded the Mountain West Climate Services Partnership to help expand access to tools and services for adaptation to climate change in the Mountain West region. In 2011, James received the McCloy Fellowship in Environmental Policy from the American Council on Germany. James received a PhD in Environment & Sustainability from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics from Principia College. View James’ CV and GoogleScholar profile. Contact James at or on Twitter, @jcarnott.