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Graduate and undergraduate-level course materials to support hydrology or atmospheric courses with teaching snow sublimation

University of Washington graduate snow hydrology course
Open access datasets and curriculum for snow hydrology, including modules about the sublimation processes. This course, taught by Jessica Lundquist in Spring 2023, covers fundamental topics related to snow physics and hydrology using modern computer techniques. Topics include:


SOS Project overview

SOS Project PI Jessica Lundquist and others provide an overview of the Sublimation of Snow (SOS) Project from the Kettle Ponds field site in the fall and winter of 2022/2023.

Why study sublimation of snow?

SOS Project investigator Ethan Gutmann describes the project and why studying snow sublimation is important.

Field season time lapse

A time lapse video comprising daily snapshots of the Sublimation of Snow study site from October 2022 to June 2023 reveals snow patterns across the entire winter season.

Snow pit science

Daniel Hogan and Eli Schwat, graduate students at University of Washington, dig a snow pit and use a density cutter and scale to closely examine the layers within the snowpack at the Sublimation of Snow Project’s Kettle Ponds study site in Gothic, Colorado. Danny and Eli dug nearly 50 snow pits between January and March, which allowed them to track the history of the snowpack across storms throughout the winter.

Digging a snow pit time lapse

Members of the Sublimation of Snow Project team dig a snow pit in January 2023.

Collection of Project Web Pages

This project involves multiple organizations, each with web pages that share various project details. These include:

Data Repository

Includes surface meteorology and flux products, as well as webcam images collected by the EOL/Integrated Surface Flux System (ISFS) team during the SOS experiment in Gothic, Colorado. This resource also provides access to radiosonde data, snow pit data, stossel box weight data, thermistor harp data, and a weather blog.


Presentations & Meetings

A selection of the team’s presentations over the course of the study period from the setup and planning phase through the initial results and findings

SAIL/SPLASH Bi-Weekly Teleconference
Listen to the SOS Project team webinars:

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