Anita Kothari

Western University Canada
Anita Kothari Image

Professor Anita Kothari is a leading scholar in the area of knowledge translation at Western University. Her work focuses on developing a greater understanding of how to support the use of research in decision-making by health policymakers, administrators and practitioners. She involves multiple community members, researchers, and government agencies at all stages of the research process. Her niche area of interest is the public health system and other community-based settings. Professor Kothari has authored several essential papers for the field and created important frameworks and tools that are used worldwide. Her contributions include supporting the generation and use of research more effectively, in different policy and health contexts, to address societal challenges and improve health, especially for some sub-populations. Professor Kothari’s work is unique because it is interdisciplinary, focuses on systems level improvements and embraces the importance of justice and equity. Professor Kothari also has an excellent track record of supporting undergraduate and graduate students, most of whom have gone to successful careers in academia or as health system leaders.