Mallika Nocco

University of California, Davis
Assistant Professor of Cooperative Extension
Mallika Nocco Image

Mallika Nocco is an Assistant Cooperative Extension Professor in Soil-
Plant-Water Relations & Irrigation Management in the Department of
Land, Air, and Water Resources at UC Davis. Her areas of expertise are
in agrohydrology, irrigation, soil-plant-water conservation, crop water
use physiology, soil hydrologic health, and thermal/multispectral aerial
imagery for crop water stress evaluation. Mallika is a 2014 EPA STAR
Fellow and 2017 David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow who is
passionate about policy-relevant science and communication. She works
with growers, policymakers, and water districts to develop irrigation
management strategies that balance farm livelihoods, soil health, and
water conservation. She is the co-host of the Water Talk Podcast
( and director of the Conservation
Irrigation Lab (