Linette Boisvert

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Sea Ice Scientist/Assistant Lab Chief
Linette Boisvert Image

Dr. Linette Boisvert received her PhD from the University of Maryland in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences in 2013. Her PhD work involved estimating the moisture flux (e.g. evaporation) over the Arctic Ocean and sea ice using satellite data from the Aqua satellite and Arctic sea ice boundary layer parameterizations. Since her PhD she did her post-doc and was an assistant research scientist employed by the University of Maryland but working at NASA GSFC. In 2018 she became a NASA Civil Servant, and in her new role was a the Deputy Project Scientist for NASA's largest and longest running airborne campaign, Operation IceBridge. Since 2020 she has been the Assistant Lab Chief for the Cryospheric Sciences Lab at NASA GSFC. Her current research interests include turbulent fluxes in the Arctic, sea ice-atmospheric interactions, Arctic precipitation and Arctic cyclones.