Fiona Swan Foster

Communications Intern
Fiona Swan Foster Image

Fiona Foster graduated in 2011 with a distinguished Masters (MSc) in Social Anthropology from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Her final thesis explored the relationship between blood products and chocolate through the theme of purity and within three social processes associated with these substances: their method of production, their use as symbols of national identity, and their commodification. Her current areas of interest include sustainable food systems and their relationship to global climate change. She also has a BA in Humanities and Italian, and has since lived and worked abroad in Switzerland, Scotland, and Italy. Most recently, Fiona completed an internship with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. She managed the communications and social media for a project that strengthens and scales-up communication services, by making communication tools and methods available to rural stakeholders, while concurrently supporting the formation of multi-stakeholder partnerships in order to enable community-based adaptation to climate change.