Annie Bissett

Freelance Graphic Illustrator
Annie Bissett Image

Annie has been a commercial illustrator since 1986, mostly based in Massachusetts with a brief 3-year stint living in Taos, New Mexico. She was an English major in college, but didn't go to art school, so she is self-taught in both illustration and printmaking. She entered the illustration field at the same time the Macintosh computer began to take hold in the publishing industry, so she was able to learn all her computer skills on the job at a magazine in Boston where she worked. Working digitally has allowed Annie tremendous freedom in where she chooses to live and where to find her clients, but after 20 years on the machine Annie wanted to find a totally un-computery medium in which to do some personal work. An intensive workshop with Matt Brown in 2005 introduced her to moku hanga (Japanese style woodblock printing) and she fell in love with it.