Ioan Fazey

University of St. Andrews
Senior Lecturer Sustainable Development
Ioan Fazey Image

I am an interdisciplinary researcher, using a variety of science and social science methods and collaborate with economists, ecologists, educationalists, quantitative modelers, social scientists, local communities and government and non government organisations. My interests lie in contributing to understanding about what it means to be sustainable and how individual, community, and societal behaviour can be transformed towards more sustainable trajectories. This includes iternational, interdisciplinary research on human-environment relationships spanning the ecological and social sciences in countries with developed and least developed economies. My research is in four key areas linked by two overarching, cross-cutting research themes: 1. Interactions between people and ecosystems and their services, including valuing environment 2. Vulnerability, resilience, adaptation and transformation; 3. Knowledge exchange and expertise for sustainability; 4. Biodiversity conservation; Cross cutting research themes: A. Interdisciplinary, participatory and evidence-based methods for understanding and achieving sustainability in complex social-ecological systems; B. Sustainable learning (How we understand and facilitate learning for change, adaptation and sustainability).