Kwasi Appeaning Addo

University of Ghana
Kwasi Appeaning Addo Image

Prof. Kwasi Appeaning Addo’s area of specialisation is in coastal processes, shoreline morphodynamics, coastal vulnerability assessment under sea level change scenarios, and the impact of climate change in the coastal environment. He was a technical advisor to the West African coast observation mission (WACOM) project involving eleven West African countries, which developed a master plan for the West Africa coast. He was also part of an international research team that worked on “deltas, vulnerability, climate change, migration and adaptation (DECCMA)” project, which was part of the collaborative adaptation research initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA). Kwasi is currently part of the West Africa coastal areas management program (WACA) which is helping countries within West Africa region to manage their coastal erosion and flooding problems, as well as part of an international team working on the “integrated and sustainable port development in Ghana within an African context” project as part of the urbanising deltas of the world programme. Appeaning Addo is a member of the Expert Group of High Level Panel for Sustainable Ocean Economy who provide advice to the High Level Panel of 13 Heads of Governments. He is a member of the International Pool of Experts, UN Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea. Kwasi is also a member of several professional bodies and a visiting scholar to universities. He has authored books and book chapters, and has several peer-reviewed journal publications to his credit.