Alan Flint

United States Geological Survey (USGS)
Research Hydrologist
Alan Flint Image

Alan Flint has a Master’s degree in Forest Soils and a Ph.D. in Soil Physics from Oregon State University. He has been working as a research hydrologist for almost 30 years studying surface and subsurface hydrology, regional meteorology, climate change, and hydrologic modeling. His current research involves downscaling future climate projections to ecologically relevant scales (30-270 m) and uses them as input to a regional scale hydrologic model. The research provides precipitation, air temperature, soil moisture, potential and actual evapotranspiration, solar radiation, climatic soil water deficit, snow accumulation, snow melt, sublimation, recharge, and runoff. These analyses provide relevant understanding to the role that climate change plays in influencing hydrologic response for water supply, wildlife habitat, ecology, and agriculture.