Stephen H. Schneider

Stanford University
Stephen H. Schneider Image

Dr. Schneider's current global change research interests include food and climate public policy issues, ecological and economic implications, and climate modeling of situations such as the environmental consequences of nuclear war. He edits the interdisciplinary journal, Climate Change, which he founded in 1975, and is the Editor-In-Chief for the Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather. He is the author of hundreds of papers and articles, as well as The Genesis Strategy: Climate and Global Survival; The Coevolution of Climate and Life; Global Warming: Are We Entering the Greenhouse Century?; and Laboratory Earth: The Planetary Gamble We Can't Afford To Lose. In addition, he works to advance science and environmental education in primary and secondary schools. Dr. Schneider received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and Plasma Physics from Columbia University in 1971. He is a professor of Biological Sciences, a Senior Fellow at the Institute for International Studies, and a Professor by Courtesy in the Department of Civil Engineering at Stanford University. He received the American Association for the Advancement of Science/Westinghouse Award for Public Understanding of Science and Technology in 1991 and the MacArthur Fellowship in 1992. He has served as a consultant to federal agencies in every presidential administration since Nixon and as a commentator to television programs such as NOVA, Planet Earth, Nightline, Today Show, Tonight Show, Good Morning America, Dateline, and Discovery Channel.