Ronda Strauch

Seattle City Light
Climate Adaptation Advisor
Ronda Strauch Image

Ronda joined Seattle City Light in July 2018 as a Climate Change Research and Adaptation Advisor in the Science Policy Unit of the Environment, Land and Licensing Business Unit. She recently obtained her PhD from the University of Washington in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, specializing in landslide and hydrologic modeling. She also has a M.S. from UW, College of Forest Resources, where she studied the effects of climate and other factors on high elevation tree establishment following fire. Her B.S. is in Environmental Planning and Management from the University of California at Davis. She previously worked for 12 years at King County Road Services Division as well as several years as an ecologist for consulting firms and federal agencies in the Pacific Northwest, specializing in environmental and biological assessments. When time allows, Ronda enjoys gardening, hiking, biking, and mountain climbing.