Richard Wilson

Harvard University
Richard Wilson Image

Richard Wilson has worked on a variety of projects in his 50-year career in nuclear and particle physics and more recently in various topics in Risk assessment and Risk-Benefit Analysis. Starting with nucleon scattering, he has more recently worked on scattering of leptons, both electrons and muons, by nucleons. Then on electron- positron colliding beams firstly at Harvard (CEA) from 1970-73, then at Cornell University, (CLEO project) until 2001. He is still working on two smaller activities: experiment (HAPPEX) with scattering of polarized electrons by protons at the CEBAF (JLAB) in Virginia, to search for strange quark form factors, and on "little a" in neutron decay at Indiana and NIST in Maryland. Richard Wilson presently works on Risk-Benefit Analysis, and on cancer incidence at old age (>80years).