Richard Tol

Hamburg University
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Richard Tol holds an M.Sc. (1992, Econometrics) and a Ph.D. (1997, Economics) from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. He was appointed as a professor at Hamburg University in April 2000, and left in September 2006 to join the Economic and Social Research Institute in Dublin, Ireland. At the ESRI, he coordinates research on energy and the environment, but also works on regulation and transport. He is the professor of the economics of climate change at the Department of Spatial Economics and the Institute for Environmental Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He is an adjunct professor at the Department of Engineering and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. He was a visitor to the University of Victoria, Oxford University, University College London, and Princeton University. Richard is interested in the application of economic, mathematical and statistical techniques, such as time series analysis, valuation, decision analysis, and game theory, to environmental problems, in particular climate change, natural disasters, and river basin management. He is known for his work on impacts of, and adaptation to climate change. He developed the Climate Framework for Uncertainty, Negotiation and Distribution (FUND), an integrated assessment model for climate change. He also co-developed CHIMP, DIVA, HTM, ISus, GTAP-EF and GTAP-W. He participates in the model comparison exercises of the Energy Modeling Forum of Stanford University. He is advisor and referee of national and international policy and research. He is an author (contributing, lead, principal and convening) of Working Groups I, II and III of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, shared winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. He is an author and editor of the UNEP Handbook on Methods for Climate Change Impact Assessment and Adaptation Strategies. He is a member of the GTAP Advisory Board. Richard is an editor of Energy Economics, an associate editor of Economics, and a member of the editorial board of Environmental Science and Policy, Environmental and Resource Economics and Integrated Assessment. Richard was elected GTAP Research Fellow "in recognition of his innovative applications of the GTAP Data Base in the field of environmental economics". He is among the Top 5% economists in the world according to IDEAS/RePEc, and ranks highly among energy economists, environmental economists, and tourism economists. Together with the lovely Julie Anne and little Meabh, Richard lives in Dublin. He occasionally plays some music.