Lara Clarke

GNS Science
Lara Clarke Image

With over 10 years experience with policy and statutory planning processes I have been involved with a wide variety of projects across both the public and private sectors. This has required detailed and strategic project management, rapid assimilation of new information and technical detail, problem solving, collaboration, teamwork and mentoring.
My work has provided me a comprehensive understanding of government processes and responsibilities and an understanding of business and commercial realities and drivers. this has provided numerous opportunities for consultation and engagement with a range of stakeholders.
In my current role, I am keen to support the contribution that GNS science Te Pῡ Ao can have to Aotearoa New Zealand’s ability to adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change, increase our resilience to natural hazards, better manage our natural resources and identify future clean energy opportunities.
Utilising my experience with government and the private sector I am keen to support opportunities for our team to contribute to engagement with and application of our science and skills in both Aotearoa New Zealand and developing country contexts to improve wellbeing, reduce risk and vulnerability, increase community resilience, promote sustainability and economic and environmental outcomes.