Patrick Lott Kinney

Columbia University
Patrick Lott Kinney Image

Patrick Kinney, Professor of Environmental Health Sciences and director of the Climate and Health Program, teaches and carries out research on the global health impacts of air pollution and climate change and on the health benefits that can be achieved through policies to mitigate them. Examples of recent studies include measurements of fine particle air pollution levels along streets in the central business district of Nairobi, Kenya, a randomized trial examining the potential health benefits of clean cooking technologies in rural Ghana, studies examining current and future heath impacts of extreme temperatures in China under scenarios of climate change, and assessments of future global air pollution health benefits of climate mitigation scenarios. Patrick was a lead author on the recently-completed fifth assessment report of the IPCC, evaluating emerging findings on climate and health in North America. He also serves on the New York City Panel on Climate Change, which advises the Mayor on climate resiliency planning. He directs the health sector work on the NOAA-funded Consortium for Climate Risks in the Urban Northeast.