Darryl Colenbrander

City of Cape Town
Head: Coastal Policy Development and Management Programmes
Darryl Colenbrander Image

I currently head up coastal policy and management programmes for the City of Cape Town municipality. A key focus of my responsibility is the determination and update of the City of Cape Town's risk profile from a coastal vulnerability perspective and the development of coastal adaptation strategies (from a spatial planing perspective) in relation to this risk and vulnerability. I hold a PhD obtained from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with the focus on the governance of coastal climate risks in developing city contexts. Some of this research was used to contribute to the IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate. Prior to taking up a position with the City of Cape Town I fulfilled the position of scientific technician, the Oceanographic Research Institute, Durban, South Africa. Research primarily focussed on the use of spatial planning mechanisms towards building coastal resilience.