Susan Wilhelm

California Energy Commission (CEC)
Team Lead, Energy-Related Environmental Research
Susan Wilhelm Image

Susan is team lead for energy-related environmental research at the California Energy Commission (CEC). Her team plans and manages a large portfolio of energy-related environmental research, including development of high-resolution climate projections depicting parameters of interest to California’s energy system, use of climate projections and weather data to support energy sector resilience and reliability, characterization of methane emissions from the natural gas system, analysis of long-term energy scenarios that cost-effectively and equitably fulfill California’s energy and environmental goals, and investigation of energy system impacts on public health, ecosystems, and terrestrial and water resources. The team also leads the energy contribution to California’s climate change assessments and contributes to policy-related dialogue related to climate change and adaptation. Susan has worked for the State of California since September 2006, when she joined the California Air Resources Board (ARB) as the Science, Technology, and Health Policy Advisor to Chairman Bob Sawyer. Susan earned her Ph.D. in Environmental Health Sciences at UC, Berkeley, and her M.S.E. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton. She holds a B.S. degree in Physics from Davidson College.