Elise Osenga

Aspen Global Change Institute (AGCI)
Community Science Manager
Elise Osenga Image

Elise Osenga is the Community Science Manager for Aspen Global Change Institute. Guided by her interests in ecosystem processes and the interface between science and public action, Elise's current projects include managing AGCI's soil moisture monitoring network, assisting in coordination of our fellowship program, and engaging with the local community to better understand how science can help them address challenges posed by a warming climate and other global changes.

Prior to working at AGCI, Elise spent a fair amount of time wading around in the South Platte River, flipping rocks and catching crawdads for kids, as an environmental educator for k-6 students. After some digressions to other jobs, including a brief but memorable stint conducting field work in the Arizona desert, Elise made her way back to Colorado, heading up to the mountains and a Colorado River headwater. While at AGCI, Elise also worked many years as a science journalist for an IEEE newsletter, an experience that offered an illuminating window into multiple fields of scientific study.


MA, Conservation Biology, Miami University Ohio AIP Program
BA, Biology and English, St. Olaf College

Joined AGCI