Kevin Robert Gurney

Arizona State University
Associate Professor
Kevin Robert Gurney Image

"Kevin Gurney is an Atmospheric Scientist, Ecologist and Policy expert currently working in the areas of carbon cycle science, climate science, and climate science policy at Arizona State University where he is Associate Professor in the School of Life Sciences, on the Graduate Faculty of the School of Sustainability, the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, and a Senior Sustainability Scientist in the Julie Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability. He has degrees from UC Berkeley, MIT, and Colorado State University.
Gurney has worked in NGOs, think tanks, consulting, and academia and has focused on topics within global change and climate change in addition to climate-carbon policy. His work involves simulation of the global carbon cycle using the inverse approach, linkages between terrestrial carbon exchange and climate variability, and deforestation and carbon/climate feedbacks. Most recently, he has worked on research characterizing fossil fuel CO2 emissions at the global (“FFDAS”), national (“Vulcan”) and urban (“Hestia”) scales. Using data mining of large/unconventional datasets and innovative algorithms, these greenhouse gas quantification efforts are being used by analysts, scientists, and government and are a core component of the NASA-led Carbon Monitoring System.
Gurney is a contributing author to the IPCC, an NSF CAREER award recipient, Sigma Xi Young Scientist recipient, and has published over 75 peer-reviewed scientific articles with multiple papers in Nature and Science and a book from MIT Press, Mending the Ozone Hole."