Sascha Petersen

American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP)
Managing Director
Sascha Petersen Image

Sascha currently plays a key role in ISC’s urban resilience work managing the American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP). ASAP is focused on building climate resilience across the U.S. by connecting and supporting the professionals working on climate adaptation. Sascha also supports ISC’s other urban resilience initiatives. Active in the climate change field since 2005, Sascha brings together a mix of technical expertise (he was a Lead Author for the Great Plains Region of the 2014 National Climate Assessment) and stakeholder engagement experience (he has designed and conducted climate workshops in communities across the country). He has worked with communities across the country to assess climate vulnerability and develop adaptation strategies to increase resilience. Sascha has experience as a climate scientist in local government and in the private sector. He is cofounder of Adaptation International, a consulting firm focused on helping communities prepare for the impacts of climate change. Sascha led the City of Austin’s climate adaptation and served on the Climate and Energy Technical Advisory Committee for the development of the Star Community Index. At the Climate Impacts Group, he helped create regionally specific projections for sea level rise for Washington State, and used these predictions to develop policy response options. Prior to working on climate change, Sascha was a technical trainer at the Johnson Space Center. He has a bachelor’s degree in physics from Pomona College and earned his Master’s from the University of Washington, focusing on climate change science and policy. He is based in Austin, Texas.