Raj Pandya

American Geophysical Union (AGU)
Vice President, Community Science
Raj Pandya Image

Rajul (Raj) Pandya is the VP of Community Science at AGU. Raj’s work invites everyone to be part of guiding and doing science, especially people from historically marginalized communities, so that the sciences can contribute to a world where all people and nature can thrive, now and in the future.

Raj chaired the National Academies committee on “Designing Citizen Science to Support Science Learning,” is member of the Academies Standing Committee on Advancing Science Education and their Resilient America Roundtable, and serves on the boards for Public Lab, the Anthropocene Alliance, Community and College Partners Program, and ISET International and was a member of the Independent Advisory Committee on Applied Climate Assessment. He helped launch the Resilience Dialogues – a public-private partnership that uses facilitated online dialogues to advance community resilience, was a founding board member of the Citizen Science Association and served as Education and Human Resource Commissioner for the American Meteorological Society.