Kripa Jagannathan

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
Research Scientist
Kripa Jagannathan Image

Kripa’s interests are in the field of climate change adaptation and climate-resilient planning. Her recent research focuses on improving the ‘usability’ of climate science, and enabling science-based adaptation decision-making. She is currently a part of the multi-institutional Project HyperFACETS, which is aimed at evaluating and improving the decision-relevance of climate projections for long-range water systems planning. For HyperFACETS Kripa co-leads the design and facilitation of the ‘co-production’ efforts wherein scientists and resource managers collaboratively develop actionable science that can aid in adaptation decisions.
Kripa also collaborates with UC Cooperative extension and USDA’s Climate Hub to assess the types of climate information that will promote on-farm adaptation practices, and with University of Michigan, to help improve the usability of ice forecasts from the Great Lakes Operational Forecast System. She is an active member of a working group on the ‘science of actionable knowledge’ which explores the drivers of the generation and use of actionable knowledge.